A Winter Sabbatical

A Winter Sabbatical - T E Hanna | Of Dust & Kings
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As we reach the end of the year and prepare to celebrate Christmas, I will be taking a short sabbatical from the blog until the beginning of January. While I will not be publishing new articles during this time, I will be cleaning up and updating some of the older articles, which will be re-released in the next week and a half (including updating this all time favorite especially for 2014!).

In addition to updating some of the vintage pieces on the site, I will also be taking some time to plan out the new series for 2014. Here is a sampling of what you can expect in 2014.

Upcoming Series:

  • An Afternoon With Jesse Lee Peterson

    In the beginning of January, I will be releasing the audio from my hour long interview with the highly controversial Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, and discussing the various topics introduced in that conversation. These range from the nature of sin, to the Biblical understanding of marriage roles, to the ethics of abortion, and even the nature of metaphor in scripture. Along the way, we will be exploring the ethics of debate and the nature of popular media. This will be an exciting series.

  • Mental Illness In The Church

    Statistically, it is estimated that the average church has 20% of its members suffering from some form of mental illness. The more noticeable forms create an unintentional barrier that often prevents these people from becoming a fully accepted part of the community. Over the course of this series, we will be looking at the statistics of mental illness, what some churches are doing about it, what we can do to be better caretakers of one another, and we will be hearing from some of those who have struggled with mental illness in the church and discovering what they have to teach us.

  • Recovering The Vibrant Life

    Playing with the idea of color, we will be looking at the different ‘hues’ that block us from living vibrantly, and how we can repaint our world. We will be looking at… Red: How to overcome anger with love. Yellow: How to overcome fear with faith. Green: How to overcome envy with gratitude. Blue: How to overcome despair with hope. Gray: How to color our world. Start your new year with a new outlook.

  • The Reality Of Sexual Slavery

    I began to touch on this issue this past year, and I will be pulling some of those articles back out for this series. In addition to the stories of those here in the US that I have worked with, we will also be looking at the statistics of sexual slavery, what is being done about it, and what we can do as the Church to help bring freedom to those in chains.

I’m super excited for 2014, and I hope you are too. If you haven’t done so already, take a moment to hop over and nominate Of Dust & Kings for the Christian Bloggers ‘Best Christian Blog of 2013’ award.

Have a merry Christmas, a blissfully happy new year, and I will see you in 2014!

In Him,

T. E. Hanna

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T E Hanna is the author of Raising Ephesus: Christian Hope for a Post-Christian Age and has published articles across the web on issues of faith and culture.

  • kenneth dawson

    a happy Christmas to you and a merry new year

    • http://www.johnsramblings.com John Wallace

      Happy Christmas Thomas and enjoy your Sabbatical

      • http://tehanna.com T E Hanna

        Thank you John!

    • http://tehanna.com T E Hanna

      Glad you liked it Kenneth! I’m updating older articles, this one was originally published a year or so ago.

  • http://psychosermons.blogspot.com Brandi

    Sabbatical!?! I’m quite certain that’s not allowed. I might have to actually concentrate on my own writing, rather than reading, if everyone goes on a two week hiatus from blogging.

    I am definitely looking forward to all you have planned for Of Dust & Kings. You’ve got some very important topics on the horizon.

    Have a blessed Christmas, and thank you for all the enticing, inspiring, educating posts this year, and for the support and friendship.

    God bless!

    • http://tehanna.com T E Hanna

      Unless blogs are specifically geared towards the holidays, this time of year typically sees a profound drop in traffic. That’s why many bloggers take the time to plan and write for the coming year, and then launch their articles after the first when people have returned to read them.

      You’ll still see articles being published though, they will just be updates of some of the older articles that are good quality pieces but are buried in the archives and deserve some fresh air.

      • http://psychosermons.blogspot.com Brandi

        I’ve been blogging for over 10 years – I know traffic drops. I was just expressing the fact that I am one of those who doesn’t stop reading just because Christmas is here. Good to know there will still be some being published.