The Top 10 Best Christian Blog Sites For 2014

The Top 10 Best Christian Blog Sites For 2014 - T E Hanna | Of Dust & Kings

Every so often I run a Friday Fab Five, where it is my goal to highlight 5 of the best articles published on Christian blog sites from the previous week that I have had the privilege of reading. When I do this, however, I intentionally choose to highlight the best Christian blog articles that I come across from smaller or lesser known blogs.

In doing so, my hope is that I help to provide exposure to some great writers that are often overlooked. At the beginning of every year, however, I update my list of the top ten Christian blogs that I personally follow, and why I recommend that others do likewise. The following list is by no means exhaustive, but they provide a good cross section of some of the best Christian blog sites on the web. Know of some others? Make sure you list them in the comments (and yes! You can list your own blog!).

10 Of The Best Christian Blog Sites On The Web

Scot McKnight is a New Testament scholar and author of over 30 books including such fantastic works as The Jesus Creed, The King Jesus Gospel, and most recently Junia Is Not Alone. His blog has his finger on the pulse of contemporary Christian thought and culture, and has been at the top of my list of the best Christian blog sites for several years.

Exploring the relationship between faith and science, the BioLogos forum utilizes a team of cutting edge scholars, scientists, and theologians to explore how Christianity and modern science interact. With the continuing perspective that faith and science are mutually opposed, having a resource such as this is indispensable. This is easily one of the best Christian blog sites that you should be following.

Pete Enns is an Old Testament scholar and the author of several notable books, including Inspiration and Incarnation and The Evolution of Adam. He occasionally stretches beyond my borders of agreement, but his willingness to openly and honestly engage difficult questions in faithful ways is refreshing. If you want a broader perspective of the trends in Biblical scholarship, you should be following this blog.

Tony Jones is a “Progressive Christian”, though he much prefers the title “Incarnational Christian.” His views are sometimes a bit more progressive than mine, but he is a faithful follower of Christ who never fails to engage my critical thinking skills and provide a fresh perspective on how I view my own faith. I don’t always agree with him, but exposure to this side of Christian thought is absolutely necessary if you want to have the awareness to faithfully engage cultural perspectives.

In a sea of men, in it refreshing to find an articulate and thoughtful female who is able to rise to the fore in shaping and engaging Christian thought. She is the author of Evolving in Monkey Town and A Year of Biblical Womanhood and was recognized by Christianity Today as a “woman to watch.” Clear, poignant, and well researched, this clearly deserves a place among this year’s best Christian blog sites. You should absolutely be reading her blog.

Olson is a wonderfully astute Wesleyan-Arminian scholar who engages theological perspectives and the Christian subculture. It seems that the majority of large scale Christian authors are decidedly Reformed in their theology. It is nice to have a well informed alternative to five point Calvinism, and Olson wears his Arminian theological stance on his sleeve. Roger Olson earns a distinguished place near the top of the best Christian blog sites that represent an Arminian perspective.

Frank Viola is a brilliant scholar who writes a remarkably eclectic blog. Its topics range from book reviews, to theological reflections, to tips on starting your own blog. He is also the author of numerous books including Jesus Manifesto, Reimagining Church, and Pagan Christianity. Again, a blog that is willing to engage perspectives outside the norm of traditional Christian thought, this is a great blog to expand your Christian awareness.

Kurt Willems consistently writes in ways that manage to engage culture squarely and faithfully. In fact, I have featured articles from his blog on this site before. In addition, he unabashedly manages to come up with the best headlines. If you want the tools to faithfully engage cultural trends, this is one of the best Christian blog sites to equip you for that. Check out his blog, you’ll see what I mean.

Due to the inactivity of one of the previous blogs I listed on here, I switched over to what has easily become my go-to source for keeping a pulse on Christian culture. While not technically a blog, Relevant has an uncanny ability to be on top of what is happening in Christianity. More importantly, they are also able to offer deep and meaningful reflection that is both insightful and theologically astute. Relevant also offers a full magazine (which I highly recommend), but the content on the site itself is free. My suggestion? Grab their RSS feed and dump it wholesale into your reader.

Arguably the best Christian blog site out there, its author is articulate, brilliant, and devilishly handsome. He is also surprisingly humble. Oh, and at times sarcastic. If you haven’t subscribed to this blog-to-end-all-Christian-blogs, be sure to sign up below.

So there it is – the 10 best Christian blog sites for 2014.

Have any you want to add to the list? Make sure to list them in the comments!

T E Hanna is the author of Raising Ephesus: Christian Hope for a Post-Christian Age and has published articles across the web on issues of faith and culture.

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  • JimmyG

    A Great list which would have been difficult to reduce to just 5 blogs. However, BioLogos, really? From what I’ve heard and read they seem to be pushing the Evolution message a bit too eagerly. I don’t think there is room for a compromised faith; either the Bible says what actually happened or it is untrustworthy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for science (I’m an owner of a Biology major, which I studied for as an Evolutionist; I’m a Creationist now), but I’m very wary of people who try to meld two (often contradictory) world views together. If I’m wrong about BioLogos I apologise unresevedly, but if I’m right then beware. Sorry to come across all ranty.

    • T E Hanna

      Biologos holds to Theistic Evolution, and merely because one disagrees with a perspective is not a reason to avoid reading it. Tony Jones is on this list, and I tend to go about 50/50 with whether I agree with the stances he takes. He is, however, a prominent voice amidst many progressive theological thinkers, so his is an important blog to be plugged into.

      I would caution against such a black and white view of reading scripture. I might present a third option: scripture says what actually happens, else it is untrustworthy or I am reading it incorrectly. This is why genre is such an important question when interpreting scripture. For example, when the Psalms tell us that the Lord is a strong tower, we can just as easily say that either the Lord is a literally a tower, or else scripture is untrustworthy. Such an approach, however, is easily understood as a genre mistake.

      Throughout Christian history, Genesis 1 and 2 were not consistently read as historical narrative. Augustine didn’t read it that way, neither did many of the early church fathers such as Thomas Aquinas nor later theologians such as John Calvin or John Wesley. The hyper-literalist emphasis on the creation narrative is very much a modern perspective that finds its roots in post-enlightenment and the desire to view the Bible as scientific text. Such a view is, in my opinion, very much mistaken.

      In fact, I am firmly convinced that not only do we see an accomodationist/allegorical approach to the creation narratives throughout Church history, but the original author intended it to be read as polemic and the ancient Israelites would have recognized it as such.

      The bigger issue isn’t a literal/metaphorical reading of creation, it is how we wrestle with the issue of sin and death if death preceded the fall of man. I think there are ways of addressing this issue as well, however.

      • JimmyG

        Cool. If you ever need a fundy rant then look me up. All the best for 2014.

        • T E Hanna

          Lol. Rant all you like. I enjoy having your perspectives on my blog. We may disagree on some things, but I think we have far more in common than we have differences.

      • Jacob McMillen

        Great perspective Hanna. If we really believe that God is truth, We believe that pursuing the truth of His creation will lead us right to Him. There’s no reason for Christians to be scared of science or other schools of thought that conflict with Christian evangelical tradition.

        In many ways, we have just as much tradition as Catholicism, we are just far more subtle about it.

      • Katherine Leicester

        And merely because one agrees with a blog site isn’t a reason to give it a consistent read, or to put it up as the top 10 sites that Christians should read. Unless one is trying to persuade others to change their point of view to match ones’?

      • John-Peter Demsick

        Since you have so handily deconstructed the biblical account for a post-modern retelling, I should note some of the key words in your version of biblical history.

        …”were not consistently read as historical narrative.” Meaning not ALL respected theologians believed it. Okay; this is true of virtually everything.

        …”the hyper-literalist emphasis…finds its roots in post-enlightenment and the desire to view the Bible as scientific text.” If by this analogy you mean its seeds were planted long before (I’d offer the beginning as a starting point), you’d be correct.

        Here is one of the many respected theologians’ views of this subject, which you’ve reconstructed, that has been carefully omitted — the foremost Reformation thinker (before the age of enlightenment) and German theologian, Martin Luther. He touches on that of Augustine in it, as well:

        “Augustine plays upon these six days (of creation) in a marvelous manner in explaining them — he considers them to be mystical days of knowledge in the angels, and not natural days. Hence have arisen those continual discussions in the schools and in churches concerning the evening and morning knowledge, which Augustine was the cause of being introduced.

        “But all these disputations, though subtle and clever, are not to the point in question. For what need is there to make a two-fold knowledge. Equally useless is it to consider Moses in the beginning of his history as speaking mystically or allegorically. For as he is not instructing us concerning allegorical creatures and an allegorical world, but concerning essential creatures and a world visible and apprehensive by the senses, he calls, as we say in our trite proverb, ‘a post, a post;’ that is, when he says morning or day or evening, his meaning is the same as ours when we use those terms, without any allegory whatever.”

        I would recommend you not be quite so dismissive of what you see as a black and white, rigid interpretation, because it may be as likely — or more so — that you are reading it incorrectly. And that your sight is distorted by the 21st Century lens through which it is focused, when our limitations come out in the environment in which they are formed — especially in this academically, scientifically, and pseudo-intellectually rigid and black and white secular society in which we find ourselves.

        • T E Hanna

          You illustrate my point, John.

          One of the common arguments is to present anything other than a literal, historical reading of the early Genesis narratives as a departure from scripture and historical Christianity – much as you just did by describing it as “deconstructing the Biblical account for a post-modern retelling.” (I would challenge your understanding of post-modernism based on the context, but that’s another discussion).

          Rather, as I pointed out, a non-historical reading of the early Genesis narratives is not only in line with the biblical narrative itself, but it aligns with a long history of orthodox Christianity and the perspectives of many of the historical fathers of the faith.

          In fact, the very idea that a literal historical interpretation is necessary for Biblical fidelity did not exist prior to post-enlightenment thinkers (referring to thinkers that followed the enlightenment era) and the subsequent rise of modern fundamentalism.

          Here is how that thought process evolved: in the enlightenment, science rose to become one of the central means of acquiring truth. Thus, post-enlightenment Christian leaders responded to this by presenting the Bible as a scientific text book. This led to the creation narratives needing to be viewed as legitimate science, rather than theological education. As science, it needed to be read as literally true, else the entire faith appeared to be undermined.

          But that is not the historical view, even as held by those such as Luther that DID read it literally. That is a modern imposition upon the text, rather than an exegetical reading allowing the text to speak for itself.

          Through all of this, the central question returns to the intent of the author. Did the author INTEND for it to be read as history, or as something else?

          This raises the question of genre, and a close comparison between the Genesis narratives and other ancient genres opens other possibilities – indeed, likelihoods – other than historical narrative.

          Jesus also called a post a post, but a post in a parable served a very different purpose than a post he leaned against in Galilee. Genre is essential to biblical interpretation.

          • John-Peter Demsick

            I agree with you on genre. Disagree on your conclusion based upon it. It is a common mistake to lump all forms of Bible text together as though they should be read similarly. I plan on addressing this issue in a future post myself. You are right about your point about God not being a literal tower. The same can be said for when God says one day is like a thousand. He does not mean a literal thousand. This is hyperbole. It means an uncountable sum.
            This trap many pre-trib interpreters of Revelation fall into. Interpreting the thousand years as a literal time frame, when it is the same use of hyperbole as in the Psalms. If they were to logically follow that principle, they’d have to call Satan an actual dragon and take potshots at his missing scale instead of reject him that he will flee from them.

            However, understanding that genre is important does not preclude one from misinterpreting the proper one. I think Luther argues this well in the quote I provided, albeit indirectly to our terms.
            Your assumption about genres is right. Your conclusion is not. The hint is in the Bible writer (Moses inspired by the Holy Spirit) referring to evening coming and then morning. The first day.

            This information was added so it could not be mistaken for a myth, fable, or some other genre that hits the basic theme but changes all the detail. There’s no allegory here.

            I also argue with your use of orthodoxy. You can say your evolutionist or ID — creation then evolution — viewpoint (as I’m sure it is one or the other from your statements) is supported in orthodoxy, but that is simply not the case. A literal creation is what the wealth of Bible theologians have believed and I would argue is orthodoxy. But it doesn’t matter who owns the term. From that standpoint, I do not think I illustrate your point, any more than you do mine that you have revised history based on your modern liberal leanings.

            All of this is relatively inconsequential, liberal or conservative viewpoint, orthodoxy or not, but I think the material evidence is the evening and morning denotation and listing of days that, in my opinion, one would have to want to get around to avoid its literal connotations.
            This is also supported by the spiritual symbolic significance of the Jews resting on the seventh day just as God did. As Nee said, Man’s first day was a day of resting with God. If this is all an allegory of sorts, this is lost in its application to our lives, and the connection to the Sabbath importance in a seven day week, obscured?

            Do you see how God connected the two? And that an allegorical or other interpretation misses that God was hinting, not by way of fictional story, but by his most powerful way of telling us — through events he actually orchestrates — this essential connection of resting in Christ?

            Perhaps we’ll disagree on the Jewish oral tradition and the historical significance of this chapter. Perhaps we’ll disagree on the importance of our rest in Christ (and re-creation in him) connected with the creation story.

            But then let me ask you this: if Moses were trying to get you to understand God created the universe in a literal six days, how could he have said it to help you see that, different than the way he did, highlighting the days and nights and denotation of time between events?

          • T E Hanna

            Two things before I respond to your question:

            1. Let’s lose the subtle insults. Nobody is rewriting history, nor am I anywhere close to “modern liberal leanings.” If you disagree with my facts, point out where I’m wrong. Thus far, you’ve failed to do that.

            2. I’m not evolutionist nor am I ID. I hold to evolutionary creationism (also known as theistic evolution) which is neither of these. I also never said that Genesis was allegory. I said it was not literal, and I earlier pointed out that this non-literal genre was an ancient genre known as polemic.

            So to answer your question (and unpack #2), let me explain genre to you.

            Genre is more than a rhetorical device. It is not a metaphor. It is a style of writing that holds implications for communication and how it should be understood, but it applies to an entire text or subsection of text. Not all genres are the same in all eras. This can create confusion in reading ancient literature.

            In the Ancient Near East, one of the common teaching genres was polemic. It’s purpose was to overturn previous ideas by challenging them in unique ways. It would do this by taking common cultural stories that the people were familiar with and retell them with key differences – differences that emphasize the new ideas being presented.

            By way of a modern example, consider a recent commercial done by Progressive insurance. In the commercial, Flo entered the cottage of the Three Bears, to discover three insurance policies: one that was too little, one that was too much, and one that was just right. The commercial used the commonly known three bears story to teach about the customization possibilities in their insurance policy.

            Ancient polemic worked similarly. This is important if you assume that Genesis was written by Moses shortly after the Israelites left Egypt (btw, few scholars believe that Moses wrote Genesis. We know for a fact he did not write all of the Pentateuch).

            If Genesis was written following the Exodus from Egypt, then it was ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to theologically educate the Israelites, as they had just spent 400 years under the theological leadership of Egypt (hence their propensity to worship the golden calf, an idol of the Egyptian god Hathor).

            Genesis 1 is an almost verbatim retelling of the Egyptian Memphis Cosmology, but with key differences:

            1. There is only one God

            2. Whereas the Memphis cosmology depicted the different days bringing forth the creation of the gods of the Egyptian pantheon (Ptah brings forth light, then the sea goddess, then the earth mother, then the god of the sun and his consort the moon, then the cow god, etc) the Hebrew cosmology depicts these as simply creations under the one true God, Yahweh.

            3. It emphasizes the superiority of Yahweh as being beyond creation itself (Memphis and all other ANE cosmologies depicted ancient gods as part of the created order).

            4. God is all powerful, and establishes order

            5. Humanity is a reflection of His glory, rather than his slaves

            These are critical departures, but they are departures that rely on the same framework of the theology that the Israelites had learned in Egypt.

            So the creation polemic is about UNDOING the theology embedded after 400 years worshipping the Egyptian pantheon, and emphasizing the uniqueness of Yahweh.

            It was a very common genre of ancient literature that we see used throughout the Ancient Near East, and the Genesis narrative not only bears all the markers of that genre, but reading it AS that genre makes sense of all the descriptors as well as being patterned after a preceding creation story from another culture (which also uses your ‘morning and evening’ phrase).

            So this isn’t about how we can try to reinvent the Bible to align with modern science. This is how an astute study of the text leads us to certain exegetical conclusions on what the text was INTENDED to say at the time it was written.

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