What Do You Do When God Feels Distant?

What Do You Do When God Feels Distant? - T E Hanna | Of Dust & Kings
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St. John of the Cross called it “the dark night of the soul.”

The Benedictine friar Augustine Baker referred to it as “the great desolation.”

The ancient Christian mystics depicted it in a prayer labyrinth, representing the Christian life, which at times would draw near to God and at other times would seem impossibly distant.

It is the experience of spiritual dryness, and it is a common experience for many of us at some point in our Christian life.

So what do we do when we feel disconnected? Where do we find peace when God seems distant?

Find out below in the first video for the new Five Minute Faith series.

Total Shares 12.9K

T E Hanna is the author of Raising Ephesus: Christian Hope for a Post-Christian Age and has published articles across the web on issues of faith and culture.

  • http://plantingpotatoes.wordpress.com Mark Luker

    your message has blessed me…thank you! The video is a wonderful addition to the evolution of your ministry! God bless you!

  • Kenneth Dawson

    Wow that is very powerful and encouraging–thank you for the uplift.